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Cove Sport Therapy is a joining of minds, hands, and professions. Natalie, an Athletic Therapist and Osteopath, and Shelly, a Physiotherapist are childhood friends who both took their careers in the health care direction. When creating Cove Sport Therapy they had a vision which would bring together the science and art of physical rehabilitation to create a peaceful environment with all the tools you need to achieve your performance goals.

Natalie and Shelly are Dartmouth Proud. They both love the community and the hometown feel that goes with it and can’t think of a more fitting location for their City of Lakes clinic than on beautiful Lake Banook in the heart of Dartmouth Nova Scotia.  

Cove Sport Therapy is committed to providing excellent, personalized, hands-on care, to the active client. Cove Sport Therapy utilizes leading research to identify and treat the cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms, achieving lasting results that will empower our clients to reach their goals. 

Be sure to ask us at Cove Sport Therapy how we can work together to help you accomplish your goals!!


We are super excited, and we know you are too, to welcome back physiotherapist and trainer extroidinaire, Erica Bowie from maternity leave! For all of those who have been searching for Erica in the schedule online, you can find her there now! But things are booking quickly so hop in there:-) 
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Mon-Friday: 7 am - 7 pm
Saturday/ Sunday: closed
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